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Seacrest Wolf Preserve need your help to teach the world about wolves and their importance to healthy and resilient ecosystems. With over 50 animals on property, the day to day operations of Seacrest can be overwhelming. Volunteers are indispensable in performing a variety of tasks that help us fulfill our mission. Without the help of volunteers , Seacrest would not be able exist!

Volunteers Needed 

Onsite Help

There's always work to be done at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. The jobs aren't always glamorous and are often labor intensive, but they do all come with the benefit of helping and getting to observe the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors.

  • Ground Maintenance: Seacrest always has labor intensive maintenance, fencing and habitat projects that need to be addressed. We could always use help cleaning, cutting grass, clearing brush, assisting with the various construction/fencing tasks and projects that arise.

  • Assistant Guides: Assist with educational tours, set up and clean up. We always need help for our Saturday Group Tours, and sometimes need help for our private tours during the week.

  • Animal Care: Committed volunteers, who continue to come help out at Seacrest, may be asked to assist with animal care tasks such as cleaning enclosures, scrubbing water tubes, feed-up prep, and feeding.

  • Veterinary Care: We would love to have help from vets or vet students. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering your veterinary care expertise to the Seacrest Wolves and small animals!

  • Volunteer Group Projects: Volunteer groups can book a project by contacting Seacrest. 

Offsite Help

We know that a lot of people want to help out the Seacrest Wolves but can't make it to Seacrest Wolf Preserve very often or at all. Here are a few examples of ways people can help Seacrest from home:

  • Fundraising: As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, private donations are crucial to Seacrest's ability to provide the best life and care possible for our animals and to allow us to continue with our mission of preservation through education. So, another huge way people of all ages can help Seacrest is by conducting their own fundraising events for Seacrest Wolf Preserve. It doesn't have to be difficult or even involve too much preparation or planning – we want you to enjoy whatever you do with us or on our behalf! Here is a great example!

  • Publicity: Most of our guests hear about Seacrest through social media or word of mouth. One of the most significant ways you can help us is to tell others about Seacrest Wolf Preserve and share our posts you like on social media!

  • Creating crafts to be sold onsite: If you love creating art and crafting, and want to help Seacrest Wolf Preserve, make something for us to sell in our gift shop! We strive to have unique items in our gift shop and currently have several items for sale in our gift shop that were made by our guests! 

  • Grants: Do you know of a foundation who has grants available that Seacrest is eligible for? Email us the details and let us know!

Seacrest Wolf Preserve is open everyday except Sundays. When volunteers arrive on property, they will sign a volunteer waiver at the gift shop and will be directed by a volunteer coordinator. Volunteers are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch, and we will supply hot coffee or cold water depending on the season. Volunteers are always greatly appreciated for their passion to help keep wild alive and their support of wolf and wildlife conservation.

Email our Volunteer Coordinator for any volunteer related inquires and questions:

Requirements for Seacrest Volunteers

To become a Seacrest volunteer, you MUST:

Those interested in volunteering will need to attend an orientation that is held once a month. More details about orientation dates and times will be sent after your application is processed. Volunteer duties will vary based on Seacrest's needs, but may include and are not limited to grounds work, fencing projects, general chores, assisting with tours, and animal care tasks. As a volunteer, you will work around the Seacrest animals but may not directly work with them. Working and interacting directly with our wolves and small animals will be dependent on a number of variables, including senior staff member approval and number of days worked.


   Once you successfully complete orientation and your initial required shifts, you will be eligible for privileges such as interacting with our wolves (and getting a few photos with them), involvement in meetings, and learning a variety of animal husbandry skills. 


Short-term volunteer opportunities and community service opportunities are available on a case by case basis. Military volunteers are always welcome. For additional information about volunteering, please call us or email us at

Seacrest Wolf Preserve is not in a position to offer a paid internship, stipend, housing, or transportation at this time.

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