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Rules For Visiting Seacrest

We want our guests to enjoy a pleasurable experience when visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

In order to adequately prepare for this unique, hands-on experience with wildlife, all guests should review our constantly updated rules prior to visiting.


All visits to Seacrest Wolf Preserve require a reservation in advance. Seacrest Wolf Preserve can accommodate a limited amount of visitors at any given time. Therefore, make reservations for your tour well in advance by calling Seacrest and speaking with a staff member who will be glad to assist you.


Our office is open Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m (CT), and is closed on Saturday and Sunday. 


CREW NECK short or long sleeve shirt, 

or sweatshirts


No Jackets!

Jeans or

Khakis ONLY!

no exposed ankles or skin.

NO pants with holes, shorts, leggings, or sweatpants!

Tennis/athletic  shoes or canvas shoes ONLY!

Not Allowed:


  • Jackets

  • Items Made of Leather, Vinyl, Suede, Down or Fur Based Material

  • Nonprescription Sunglasses

  • Backpacks

  • Water Bottles

  • Dangling Material 

  • Jewelry - Dangling  or Hoop Earrings, Braclets, Necklaces

  • Cell Phones, Cameras, or Electronic Devices

  • Spaghetti Strap or Tank Tops

  • Low Neck or V-Neck Shirts 

  • Halter or Strapless Tops 

  • Furry or fuzzy Material OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING POLAR FLEECE




  • Jeans with Holes

  • Capris or Shorts

  • Leggings or Tights

  • Yoga Pants

  • Hats

  • Gloves

  • Scarves or Bows

  • Boots

  • Open-Toed Shoes



Seacrest is not responsible for the loss

of any jewelry, damage to clothing or contents that is on your person.

These Items are Allowed

  • Disposable Camera

  • Prescription Glasses

  • Post Earrings

  • Necklaces if tucked into shirt


    This rare opportunity to go into an enclosure with wolves requires a strict dress code to ensure the safety of the Seacrest Wolves and the comfort of our visitors. Wolves are very intelligent, as well as curious of many human dress items. They must be protected by preventing the opportunity for them to obtain various non-natural items. If you are not compliant, you will not be able to enter wolf enclosures or go on our educational tours -  NO EXCEPTIONS.

     Seacrest Staff will be with you throughout the duration of your tour.  All persons entering an enclosure will be required to fill out a waiver. While most of our animals are socialized, they are still wild. Our first responsibility is to care for and  protect  them. Our animals will not perform or pose unnaturally nor do anything they do not want to do. We will NOT subject them to stressful situations. We reserve the right to shorten any interaction at the discretion of staff if they determine it is in the best interest of any our animals.


   Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. owns all legal rights to all photos taken at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. NO PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TAKEN OF OUR WOLVES THROUGH THE FENCES WITH ANY DEVICE (digital cameras, cell phones, or disposable cameras), AT ANY TIME. Visitors attending our Saturday Group Tour may ONLY use disposable cameras during the tour. VIP Tour guests may bring ONE device for Seacrest Staff to use to take pictures of your Tour. Additionally, Seacrest offers photographers the opportunity to capture exceptional images of our beautiful wolves in stunning, natural habitats. Click for more information about our Professional Photography Sessions. 

Email us with questions about our photography policy:


 Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. reserves the right to photograph/video/audio record any and all persons without consent for the purpose of security, marketing, promotion and advertising of the preserve without obligation nor remuneration to/of any party or subject. All photography performed by Seacrest Wolf Preserve or its partners is the property and copyright of Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc.

SMOKING and vaping

    No smoking or vaping is allowed during tours. No juuls, e-cigarettes, vaping, or tobacco products of any kind are allowed inside the wolf enclosures. We ask that all cigarette butts be disposed of properly. Please keep in mind not all guest use these products so be respectful.


    The age requirement for all Seacrest Tours is 10 years of age and older. Our educational opportunities with the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors wolves are not structured or suitable for younger children. Our tours include detailed information relative to wolf biology and wildlife conservation, and can be lengthy. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE 0F 10 IS PERMITTED ON ANY TOUR OR INSIDE THE WOLF ENCLOSURE AT ANY TIME. 

     Children are not allowed to run, wander, or behave loudly while visiting. It is mandatory that all minors visiting Seacrest respect and comply with all our rules and be under strict adult supervision at all times. Any parent or child not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately. 


    In most settings, the presence of a service animal will not result in a fundamental alteration. However, there are some exceptions. At Seacrest Wolf Preserve, service animals are restricted within 500 feet of our wolf enclosures. Wolves are the natural competitors of dogs, and the presence of a dog would be disruptive, causing the wolves to become agitated and possibly behave aggressively toward one another.

    Pets and service dogs in training are only allowed for guests staying in our cabin and require a $50 non-refundable pet deposit when you make your reservation. Additionally, pets must be fully vaccinated. ALL GUESTS BRINGING PETS TO THE PRESERVE MUST PRESENT STAFF WITH A UP-TO DATE VACCINATION RECORD FROM THEIR VET.

Non-Refundable Deposits

    All deposits made on any of our tours or our Spirit Cabin are non-refundable. However, with 48-hour notice, we can apply your deposit to a future tour date. If you do not show up for your scheduled tour time, your deposit will be considered a donation to the Preserve. 

Other Rules

     Please deposit trash in designated receptacles. We reserve the right to escort any individuals or groups who do not follow our rules, are acting in ways deemed harmful to our animals, or that prevent the enjoyment of other guests.

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