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Meet The Seacrest Education Team


Lindsey Banks
Director & Licensee


Lindsey grew up on a large farm in Georgia. She has always been fascinated by wolves and passionate about animal rights. Lindsey has worked as a Veterinarian Technician for many years in several states. After coming on a VIP tour with her mom, Lindsey immediately became a fantastic and regular volunteer at Seacrest. Her outstanding patience and knowledge base has been second only to her deep love for the Seacrest animals. In her free time, Lindsey is an avid runner and hiker. She is involved with husky and Wolf Hybrid rescue and breed education and is a proud fur mom.


Annette Johnson
Animal Care Specialist 

Annette has always had a deep love for animals and wildlife for as long as she can remember. Although she worked in human healthcare for most of her life, she has always been a voice for animals in need. She came across Seacrest Wolf Preserve online and visited as a guest several times before beginning to volunteer here. Her clear dedication and passion led us to offering her a job at Seacrest. Annette currently serves as a SWP tour guide, photographer, while also being an animal care specialist. She takes some beautiful pictures, and even better care of the Seacrest animals! During her off-time Annette loves to spend time with her fur babies- she has many dogs and cats. 


Rileigh Ott
Animal Care Specialist

       Rileigh has been a long-standing volunteer at Seacrest since she was old enough. She comes from a Military family who all volunteer here at the preserve. Her love and passion for the animals shines through in everything she does here. Currently she is a student in college studying Biology and Conservation and is here working part time as well. Rileigh is currently leading tours here at SWP and learning about different aspects of animal care. In high school she was an avid volleyball player, and now helps to coach the sport. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her sister and being creative by crafting. 

Barb Lause 

Animal Care Specialist 

Barb is the most recent addition to the SWP family. Barb started work her at Seacrest in late September of 2021. She took the advice of her husband after volunteering and began looking for a career change. Barb had worked with a transportation company for many years but felt the call of the wild and was drawn to the work here at Seacrest. She loves the animals here at the preserve and is a super hard worker. She has a great desire to educate the world on how incredible the animals at SWP are. Barb has two dogs at home Chico the grumpy Chihuahua and Layla the goofy Lab mix. Barb enjoys painting in her free time as well as a good beach day! 


Glen is a backbone here at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. Glen makes sure all the enclosure are well maintained and groomed for our animals and guest. Glen is currently a one man show, but often gets help from the ladies of the staff. Glen is a wonderful person and is always one step ahead on the needs of the animals and grounds. He also makes sure all the needed supplies are gathered and that the equipment is in tip top shape. Mr. Glen loves the SWP animals with all his heart. SWP is lucky to have his deep dedication and tremendous talent. On his off days Glen enjoys pending time with his wife Barb and their two dogs Layla and Chico- he is also always up for a calm beach day! 

Glen Lause- Maintenance 

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