Small animal Adventure

Seacrest's Small Animal Adventure allows guests to observe and meet several other species of wildlife. Guests can hold skunks, interact with foxes and feed our raccoons. Our Small Animal Adventure lasts between 25-35 minutes and is always included as part of our Saturday Group Tours and our Private Group Tours and Field Trips (unless otherwise requested). It can also be incorporated into any VIP tour, but IT MUST BE REQUESTED WHEN YOU CALL TO MAKE YOUR VIP TOUR RESERVATION. Please keep in mind that including the Small Animal Adventure in a VIP Tour will take 25-30 minutes out of your time with the Seacrest Wolves. Additionally, for VIP Tours, the Small Animal Adventure only includes our foxes and raccoons.


The Small Animal Adventure is only available to groups of guests with reservations for a wolf encounter tour.

All guests must review our rules prior to visiting Seacrest. 


Meet the Seacrest Small Animal Ambassadors  



   Pecos, our coyote, came to us at a very young age after being orphaned. Although we attempted to socialize and imprint on him, his wild nature took over as he got older and thus, Pecos is not an animal guests can directly interact with. However, he does have strong bonds with certain individuals, and he captures the hearts of our guests when he joins in with our wolves during their howl. 

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Crackers & Cricket


   Crackers and Cricket are Seacrest's Raccoon Ambassadors. These two adorable ladies were rescued from a fur farm when they were young kits and are now 13 years old. The Seacrest raccoons are friendly, curious, and sometimes mischievous. Crackers and Cricket love to meet our guests and especially love when guests give them a tasty treat! 

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Buttercup, Flower, Clover, Poppy


   Seacrest has four Ambassador Skunks. Our skunks live a cushy life up at the main house due to their sensitive and nocturnal nature. Guests simply adore getting to meet our skunks, as much as our skunks love getting the attention! The Seacrest Skunk Ambassadors work hard to endear humans to their species.

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Arctic-Red Fox Mix

   Sky, an arctic-red fox mix, is definitely a favorite among our Small Animal Ambassadors. She is about 1.5 years old and has called Seacrest her home most of her life. She was bred to be a pet, and purchased by a man in Alabama from a breeder. Shortly after bringing her home, he realized he really just wanted a pet and was not adequately prepared to care for wildlife. He ultimately surrendered her to a vet tech, who brought her for a full check-up before bringing Sky to her new home at Seacrest. Sky is a character, and she absolutely adores meeting our guests! She dashes around her enclosure, tugging on guests' clothes or jumping onto their head to sit. If your lucky enough to find her "spot", you can get her to sit still for a moment to enjoy some scratches.  

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Eastern Gray Fox

     Miko was born wild but orphaned by his mother. A family came across him and raised him as a pet for 2 years, but ultimately surrendered him to Seacrest in hopes of providing Miko with a better life. Miko is now 8 years old and one of our best Small Animal Ambassadors. Miko loves meeting guests, giving gentle kisses and allowing people to rub his belly as he makes adorable noises. Miko easily captures the hearts of all our guests! 

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Rowdy & Tango

Eastern Gray Foxes

     Rowdy and Tango were also orphaned in the wild. They are about 1.5 years old and were brought to us as young kits by the family who found the orphaned pair. Although they are still timid around guests, each month, they become more and more comfortable with humans and we hope one day they will be as friendly as Miko! They currently live in a natural habitat with Sky. 

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Eastern Gray Fox

     Foxy was left at our gate years ago. It is our understanding that he was born wild, but adopted by a human family who surrendered him to Seacrest after learning they needed a wildlife license to own him. Foxy is shy and prefers to not have strangers in his natural habitat, so although he do not let guests interact with Foxy, our guests love to photograph him through the fence. 

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Melanistic Fox

     Onyx was once a pet living in a dorm room at FSU. He now is about 7 years old and extremely shy but beautiful. Although we do not let guests directly interact with Onyx out of respect for his timid nature, his handsome coat and striking markings amaze all of our visitors. Seacrest is blessed to have Onyx as one of our fox ambassadors and strives to give him the best life possible in his natural habitat. 

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