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Small animal Adventure

Seacrest's Small Animal Adventure allows guests to observe and meet several other species of wildlife. Guests can hold skunks, interact with foxes, play with o'possums, and feed our raccoons. Our Small Animal Adventure lasts between 25-35 minutes and is always included as part of our Saturday Group Tours and our Private Group Tours and Field Trips (unless otherwise requested). It can also be incorporated into any VIP tour, but IT MUST BE REQUESTED WHEN YOU CALL TO MAKE YOUR VIP TOUR RESERVATION. Please keep in mind that including the Small Animal Adventure in a VIP Tour will take 25-30 minutes out of your time with the Seacrest Wolves. Additionally, for VIP Tours, the Small Animal Adventure- animals availability can vary.


The Small Animal Adventure is only available to groups of guests with reservations for a wolf encounter tour.

All guests must review our rules prior to visiting Seacrest. 


Meet the Seacrest Small Animal Ambassadors  

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Pesto- O'possum

Pickles just turned a year old in March of 2023. Pickles has been hand raised by Lindsey the Director since he was about six weeks old. He is a very loving gentlemen, and likes to pretend he is a "parrot" and sit on your shoulder. Pickles hopes to show guest how amazing North America's ONLY native marsupial can be!

Pesto was born a free and wild possum. He was sadly attacked by a house cat and left very injured. He was taken to AWARE a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Atlanta GA, where he was deemed unreleasable due to his injuries. Pesto now live a wonderful life at SWP- although he is three-legged. He sadly did have to have a rear leg amputation because of his prior injuries. Pesto hopes he can help guest understand the need to coexist with our back yard wildlife. 

Sookie- Fox

Sookie is a one year old captive bred Calico fox. A calico fox is a fur color pattern of a "Red Fox." Sookie is very vocal when interacting with humans she knows, however she can be a tad timid when meeting new people. However, she can be a total cuddle bug once she is comfortable with you. She wants to show all the guest what the fox says!


Sinbad- Fox 

Sinbad is the Seacrest dare devil fox. He is a fun loving and adventurous guy. Sinbad is a melanistic fox, meaning he has that stunning silver color to his coat. Like Sookie Sinbad was born in captivity and is very loving. He loves playing with guest! However, Sinbad can be calmed with a nice booty rub, and will even wag his tail for you. Sinbad hopes everyone who meets him has more love for the fox when they leave. 

Crackers- Raccoon 

Crackers is the very old SWP Raccoon resident. She has become a little more prone to grumpiness in her old age. Granted, she will perk up and smile for a snack or treat! Crackers is the typical mischievous and fun loving raccoon. Crackers likes to spend most of her time in her elevated house relaxing. She hopes that she can show you that raccoons are worth being kind to! 




Yoshi is a one year old typical black and white strip skunk. Yoshi is very protective of his lady skunk and will often stomp as a warning. He is very active and guest often enjoy watching him run and dig in his outdoor enclosure. Yoshi wants to show guest all the amazing things skunks like him can do!

Princess Peach is a very demur and sweet girl. She will be found many times snuggled up in her house. She is an extremely sweet girl who enjoys ear rubs and snacks. Peach is what is referred to as a "apricot" skunk. Like other species skunks can come in many coat colors. Peach wants everyone to take an opportunity to learn that skunks are important just like you!

Flower is our oldest resident skunk here at SWP. She is elderly and lives in our office to provide her with better climate control in her old age. Flower is a lover! She enjoys being held and carried around like a baby in a blanket. She is also the traditional and expected skunk colors of black and white. She has worked for many years to show guest why skunks are great!

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