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Our Mission


  Founded by Wayne & Cynthia Watkins in 1999, Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to wolf and wildlife conservation. What began as a small rescue effort has now grown to a large preserve focused on education, which is home to 22 wolves (Gray Wolves, Arctic-Type Wolves, and British Columbian Wolves) and a variety of small native species, including a coyote, foxes, raccoons, skunks and foxes.  

  Seacrest Wolf Preserve is deeply committed to the preservation of America's wild heritage and our planet through our educational programs. Seacrest offers a rare, hands-on learning experience with the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors and small animals, which fosters a greater understanding and respect for the natural world. Through the educational programs at Seacrest, we teach people about wolves, create awareness of the importance of wolves to their ecosystems and dispel the myths that have been associated with this keystone species for far too long. 

  The true value of our educational programs lies in the hands-on experience our visitors have with the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors. Seacrest currently has over a dozen Ambassador Wolves that work along side our education team to help teach the public about their species and their vital role in the environment. Our Wolf Ambassadors form personal connections with all our visitors, from all walks of life, causing them to learn about and reflect on their own relationships with nature. Our wolves have inspired and captured the hearts of all of our visitors, causing them to become proactive in wolf and wildlife conservation.


  Seacrest Wolf Preserve is working hard to equip the public with knowledge to become better advocates through our educational programs. Our goal is to raise the awareness of our visitors of the urgent needs of wolf conservation that have become extremely immediate. Wolves in the lower 48 face an unknown future because of the recent proposal to remove federal protection of the Gray Wolf from under the Endangered Species Act. It has also set into play a destructive agenda at the state level, in the states where wolves are allowed to live in the lower 48. The governors of some of these states (such as Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming) have worked to remove any remaining protection from America's wild wolves. Anti-Wolf entities are now empowered to shoot, snare, murder, and trap America's wild wolves through outrageously cruel and heinous methods that were once against the law. This will surely drive wolves to extinction if these agendas at the federal and state levels continue. We need to get people to care about these issues. Wolves cannot survive without our help.

  We need your help now more than ever in order to face the challenges of the coming decade. We must educate more people on the importance of wolves in restoring and rebalancing ecosystems. Seacrest Wolf Preserve will never cease to be a voice speaking out against the never ending slaughter and greedy agendas leading to the annihilation of wolves from our world. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to keep the wild alive and become a voice to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. By doing so, we can work together to preserve this diminishing species for future generations of Americans as we work together to become part of this great conservation effort. We are committed to being the voice that speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. We encourage you to visit Seacrest Wolf Preserve and witness preservation through education in action. 

Howl with your friends!

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