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volunteer rules

Volunteer rules:

  • Respect our animals at all times. Any action that is not respectful will result in immediate dismissal.

  • Must commit to at least 2 Saturday shifts and no less than 2 months

  • Please call Seacrest and ask for Tracy to provide your availability and changes in scheduled shifts. Any no-shows will affect your ability to volunteer at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. 

  • You may not take photos of our wolves for personal, sale, profit, or commercial use. 

  • You must always ask permission to start a new job or task.

  • Make sure you know ALL rules applying to entering animal enclosures and interacting with animals.

  • Return all tools and supplies you use to where you found them or their proper place.

  • Your friends and family do not have special access or discounts.

  • Take pride in your volunteer work - clean up after completing your tasks and dispose of all trash appropriately 

  • We expect you to be neat and professional at all times in front of guests.

  • Follow all our visitor rules

   Volunteer duties will vary based on Seacrest's needs, but may include and are not limited to grounds work, fencing projects, general chores, assisting with tours, and animal care tasks. As a volunteer, you will work around the Seacrest animals but may not directly work with them. Working and interacting directly with our wolves and small animals will be dependent on a number of variables, including senior staff member approval and number of days worked.

   Once you successfully complete orientation and your initial required shifts, you will be eligible for privileges such as interacting with our wolves (and getting a few photos with them), involvement in meetings, and learning a variety of animal husbandry skills. Anyone who completes at least 2 Saturday volunteer shifts per month, for 4 consecutive months is eligible to be trained as a Saturday Tour Guide to lead our educational programs on Saturdays.

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