Princess Moonstar gave birth early this morning April 18, 2014 to 5 beautiful pups. Chaco is the very proud father. Kiowa the Angel wolf is the proud grandfather. Princess is 8 years old and this is her first time being a mom. She seems to be so proud and contented taking care of her babies. We have not disturbed her relative to touching her or her babies. We will leave her to love and care for her pups for the next 10-11 days.

These British Columbian pups will not be available to be seen by the public until Saturday May 3, 2014. The pup encounter will begin at 11:15 AM (central time) after the gates open at 11 AM (central time) . The pups will be out for a limited time to be held and cuddled by visitors who sign up in the gift shop when they arrive. A donation of $8 per person is required for this rare opportunity. All funds go toward the expensive cost of formula, vet care, etc. Everyone who participates will be involved in the imprinting program teaching these young pups that humans can be their friends after all and helping to prepare them for their ambassador roles later on.

You must contact the preserve at 850-773-2897 to book your tour and for the pup encounter.