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November 15, 2020 to November 29, 2020

Seacrest Wolf Preserve's 2nd Online Auction


Seacrest Wolf Preserve is hosting its second Online Silent Auction!! 

The auction will start at 12:00 am (EST) on November 15th and will close at 11:59 pm (EST) on November 29th.

Stay tuned for a link to our auction, and check our Facebook for announcements about auction donors and all the wonderful items you can bid on!

We are so excited to announce that we have more donors and items this year!! There is truly something for everyone. This auction will be a great opportunity to get some holiday shopping done while supporting Seacrest and it's Wolves!!

Seacrest and it's wolves are howling with gratitude for all our phenomenal donors. This auction would not have been possible without their generous contributions and support of the Seacrest Wolves. 

               Robert J. Carlson
               Watercolors By Laura - Laura Lodge  

               My Mindful Way of Life - Dr. Urszula Klich  
Dr. Alex Goodnight & Cynthia Watkins - Seacrest Wolf Preserve
              Wildlife and Conservation Photography by Elie Wolf 
              Fairywolf Jewelry Design - Kelli Spandl 

              Younique - Dorina Vogt

              Wilderness Window Photography - Jason Adolphson
              Neitherland - Jason Smith
              Wolf + Bear - Kyria Smith

              John McFaul Fine Art - John McFaul

              Frog Pond Pottery and Gifts - Dianne Richerson
              Lana Mehaffy

              Tim and Lisa O’Hara
              Sierra Henry

              Name Coins - Tim
              Tracey Earl Art - Tracey Earl
              Artsy Fartsy Mommy Shop - Angie
               Rick Lamplugh - Author

               Rick McIntyre


February 9 , 2020 to February 14, 2020

vday 2.PNG
Vlanetines 1.PNG

Make this Valentine's Day Wildly Romantic by Sending a Valentine to the Seacrest Wolves!!

     Looking for a unique and wildly romantic gift way for that special person? Send the Seacrest Wolves a Valentine (in honor of a loved one or for yourself) and they will send one back! Be sure to include the recipients full name and address in the PayPal notes, so the wolves are able to send a Valentine! For purchase of Valentine's Day Sale items, e-mail:

October 6, 2019 to October 19, 2019


Seacrest Wolf Preserve hosted its first ever Online Silent Auction in October 2019. We are so thrilled and grateful to announce that it was a successful fundraiser!! We raised just under $4,000!! Thank you so much to everyone who placed bids during the auction. Seacrest and it's wolves are also howling with gratitude for all our phenomenal donors. This auction would not have been possible without their generous contributions and support of the Seacrest Wolves. 
               The Cumberland Diamond Exchange
               Taylor Ann - Wildlife Artist
               Diana Salzmann - Portrait Artists
               Elie Wolf - Wildlife and Conservation Photography
               Tim and Lisa O’Hara
               Charley Robertson
               Dianne Richerson - Frog Pond Pottery and Gifts
               Dorina Vogt - Younique
               Andrew “Sacks” Earl
               John McFaul - John McFaul Fine Art
               Diane Versteeg - Red Lynx Art
               Kyria Smith - Wolf + Bear
               Rick Lamplugh - Author

               Laura Mincey - LE Artisan Studio

August 16, 2019 to August 17, 2019

Seacrest Wolf Preserve's Full Moon Festival

    On August 16th, SWP hosted an exclusive, fundraising event to celebrate its 20 year anniversary. Only 100 tickets were available, and we at Seacrest felt overwhelmed with feelings of love and support when tickets sold out within a couple of weeks. This inspired the Seacrest pack to work our hardest, making sure the event was phenomenal for our guests. Dr. Alex and Holli planned and prepared for weeks leading up to the event. The excitement and love expressed by guests as they started checking in laid the foundation for one of the best events held at Seacrest. 
     "It was heartwarming to see friends and prior guests, as well as all the new faces pour in through our gates" recalls Dr. Alex. "One of my favorite moments was observing our wolves, who very much know the usual routines and schedule, wait in anticipation and wonder what was going on. They knew something special was happening and as dusk grew nearer, you could see the excitement grow in their eyes and body language. It definitely made me smile."

     The event officially began with our Small Animal Adventure, which was immediately followed by a Wolf Tour as the sun set. Although it was still slightly hotter than desired, the wolves were so loving and interactive, and the guests were engaged and full of fantastic questions. The energy of the group was so positive and full of love; you could see it on everyone's faces. And the wolves responded in kind. It truly was one of our best wolf tours this year.

     The sense of community and friendship amongst the Festival's guests was infectious. Although we experienced technical difficulties, we only experienced love, support and understanding from all our guests. We first watched "The Rise of Black Wolf", a documentary about a Yellowstone wolf who led an unorthodox lifestyle. This was followed by a group howl under the full moon, and the entire preserve enthusiastically joined in! The night ended with the movie "Druid Peak", which is an amazing film if you have yet to see it.       

     Additionally, Festival guests participated in a collaborative art project, which was presented to Seacrest co-founder, Cynthia Watkins, as a 20th anniversary card. The final product was so beautiful and full of love. She was brought to tears upon receiving it. We at SWP feel the deepest gratitude and love for everyone who came out to celebrate 20 years of preservation through education and support Seacrest and it's wolves. SWP cannot express enough appreciation for how special our supporters and friends made this event!