We want our guests to enjoy a pleasurable experience when visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve. Prior to visiting we encourage all guests to review over our rules outlined on this page.


All visits to Seacrest Wolf Preserve require a reservation in advance. Because this is one of the rarest opportunities in the world and visitors go in with the Seacrest wolves, there is detailed information relative to dress code and additional important information that visitors must be informed about so that they may adequately prepare for this unique experience. Seacrest Wolf Preserve is only empowered to accommodate a limited amount of visitors at any given time. Therefore, make reservations for the tour of your choice well in advance by calling the Wolf Preserve and speaking with a representative who will be glad to assist you.

The office will be closed on Saturday & Sunday. No phone calls will be answered or returned during this time. Please call Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.

At this time, reservations may not be made via email.


General Photography

Photography by the general public is restricted to the use of disposable film cameras. Seacrest Wolf Preserve Inc. owns all legal rights to all photos taken at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. No photos are allowed to be taken of the wolves through the fences with digital cameras or cell phones prior to, during, or after all tours at any time. Ask any questions you may have about camera use on the tour when making your appointment for a general public tour. Seacrest Wolf Preserve sells disposable cameras in our gift shop.

Professional Photography

Seacrest Wolf Preserve offers photographers a unique chance to capture exceptional images of beautiful wolves in stunning, natural habitats. Seacrest has consulted with professional photographers to provide a one of a kind photography experience in a photographer friendly setting, where you will be able to capture imagery of wolf behavior and interaction in a variety of a natural environments.

Photography sessions with our wolves are by appointment only. Anyone wishing to capture images of the wolves at Seacrest is subject to a photography fee and is required to sign a liability release. Please contact us for rates.


This rare and unusual opportunity with the wolves requires a strict dress code to ensure the safety of the Seacrest Wolves and the comfort of our tour participates. If you are not compliant, you will not be able to enter wolf enclosures or go on educational tours with NO exceptions. The wolves are very intelligent as well as playful and are always curious of many human dress items. They must be protected by preventing the opportunity to obtain various items as toys. Seacrest Wolf Preserve also requires this dress code to prevent INNOCENT scratches as they are very playful and affectionate as mentioned above.

Pants – Long protective pants such as denim or khakis that provide full leg coverage. No leggings, nylon tights, or yoga pants.
Tops - Regular long sleeve or short sleeve pullover t-shirts that come up closer to the neck are best. No tank, low neck, V-neck, spaghetti strap, halter or strapless tops that leave the chest and arm areas unprotected.
Shoes – Closed toed tennis shoes only with shoe laces tucked in. ABSOLUTELY NO LEATHER, rubber, plastic, or vinyl material. No crocs, high heels, or boots of any kind (even hiking).
Outerwear and Gloves for cooler months Basic/standard pullover sweatshirt or hoodie (with ties tucked in) ONLY. No furry or fuzzy material OF ANY KIND, gloves, hats, boots, neck wraps, or head gear should be worn. Non-furry gloves are allowed.
Headgear – It is not recommended that Seacrest guests wear headgear on any tour. The wolves are very playful and often see them as toys to play with. Most of the tour areas are shady and would not require a hat to be comfortable.

For your safety: Leather, vinyl, suede, down or fur based material and items are not permitted.


The following personal items cannot be brought inside the wolf enclosures:

Nonprescription sunglasses**, backpacks**, water bottles**, medical prescriptions, vapor products such as e-cigarettes or vaporizers, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, gum, candy, cell phones** and digital cameras**. Only disposable camera's are allowed in the wolf enclosures for the general public.

**These personal items are allowed in the Small Animal Adventure only.


The rare educational opportunities with wolves that Seacrest offers is based on science and structured for more mature ages. The tours include detailed information relative to wolf and wild life conservation and are quite lengthy and therefore, these tours are not suitable for younger ages. The age requirement for all Seacrest tours is 10 years of age and older. WE ARE UNABLE TO PERMIT ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 10 INSIDE ENCLOSURES FOR ANY TOUR. All ages may experience the wonderful Small Animal Adventure that follows the Wolf Encounter Tour by reservation.

It is mandatory that all children visiting Seacrest be under strict adult supervision at all times, as well as respect and comply with all rules and regulations.


Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc., reserves the right to photograph/video/audio record any and all persons without consent for the purpose of security, marketing, promotion and advertising of the preserve without obligation nor remuneration to/of any party or subject. All photography performed by Seacrest Wolf Preserve, or its partners, is the property and copyright of Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc.


We want our visitors to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. All camping requires a reservation and we encourage to book your site well in advance. Please follow the link below and review all of our rules and policies.

For More Information See Our Camping Page

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"Visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve Changed My Life!" - T. Brown

"I went on the VIP tour with my mom today and we had the most amazing time!" - K. Camplin

"It was amazing. An experience of a lifetime." - C. Beck



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We want you to enjoy the best experience possbile when visiting us. Please be sure to read our important visitor rules.

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