Thanksgiving Hours-
We will be open for our regular Saturday Group Wolf Encounter Tour on Saturday, November 26th. Remember this is a great time to camp at the wolf preserve as the night skies have been beautiful with nice, cool weather. We also have a few VIP tour slots available for Thanksgiving week on Monday, Nov 21st, Tuesday, Nov 22nd, and Wednesday, Nov 23rd. This very rare, private tour is amazing and very popular. Call the preserve to make your reservations now.

Christmas Holiday Hours-
The preserve will be closed on Christmas Eve Saturday, December 24th. There will be no Saturday tour that week as everyone will be with their families celebrating the holidays. However the preserve will offer VIP tours December 19th through December 23rd. There are two slots per day available, a 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. If you, as well as your friends and family, wish to celebrate the holidays on the "wild side" with the wolves on this unique and inspiring tour, call the wolf preserve to make your reservations now as the spots are filling up quickly.

New Years Eve Special Event-
Saturday, December 31st the preserve will offer a "Howl In The New Year" tour. What greater way to celebrate and embrace an exciting New Year than supporting wolf and wildlife conservation and honoring this amazing keystone species? The Seacrest wolves are sending out a special invitation to all of their friends everywhere to come for an early Howl In The New Year tour Saturday at 1:00 P.M. Forrest the Kissing Wolf and all of his Seacrest wolf buddies are waiting to gift wolf hugs and kisses as we howl for a brighter New Year not only for ourselves, but for them as well. Call the preserve today to make your reservation.

Camping near the wolves will be available as well.

The 2016 wolf pups are in their new homes with their new families. Pawnee,Maverick, Mesa and Apache were adopted into their packs on this past Saturday tour. It was a true celebration of wolves as family and very moving to experience. Even the rain did not interfere with this exciting event. The pups are doing well in their new homes and love their new family and habitats.
We hope that you all come to visit with them soon for they are now a permanent part of the ambassador packs. Fall is a beautiful time of the year to visit as the weather cools, and the wolves come into their full blown winter coats. The fall foliage can be seen October till early November. Hope to see you all soon at Seacrest. A video of the adoption will be posted soon on our Facebook page.

Please call and make your reservation.

October 9,2016
Seacrest Wolf Preserve Inc. is posting this notice to inform all visitors of an age restriction. Effective immediately a child must be 10 years old to participate in the wolf encounter tour. The wolf encounter tour is geared for mature levels of tour participation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to your visit. Remember ALL TOURS ARE DONE BY RESERVATION ONLY AND YOU MUST CALL FOR A RESERVATION. We thank you for supporting wolf and wildlife conservation.
Wayne and Cynthia Watkins

Many of you have been trying to call and cannot leave a message. We are still, after 4 months, having major issues with our second line with AT&T. When you call and the phone says mail box is full, that means we are on the other line and PLEASE keep trying to call back. Your phone calls are important to us and we will return the call as soon as possible. A phone call is necessary for you to make a reservation, so please be patient and keep calling till you get a real person or the answering machine. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you soon.

Check out the new videos on our Facebook page. Seacrest Wolf Preserve Inc.

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Seacrest Wolf Preserve is open year round to visitors and offers a very rare and exciting hands on opportunity with wolves. The wolf encounter tours offer an opportunity for all visitors to become a part of a wolf pack as they learn important scientific information about wolves that will inspire desires for wolf and wildlife conservation. The small animal adventure is a part of the tour package and visitors have an opportunity to interact with skunks, foxes, raccoons, and meet Pecos the Coyote. There is a very strict dress code that all visitors must be compliant with and other pertinent information required to secure a reservation. Reservations are REQUIRED for all tours TOUR RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS by calling 850-773-2897.
PLEASE Click on the VISIT US page to read all the information needed to acquaint yourself with the different tour options offered by Seacrest that will answer most of your questions, then call the wolf preserve to book your reservation. TOUR PRICES ARE DISCOUNTED TO LOWEST LEVEL POSSIBLE SO THAT INDIVIDUALS FROM ALL LEVELS OF INCOME WILL BE EMPOWERED TO EXPERIENCE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY.