Seacrest Wolf Preserve is a full-fledged 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe and humane sanctuary for displaced captive wolves. Through our profound educational outreach program, we are striving to create a greater awareness of the natural world and to educate individuals on the connectedness of all living things. Our goal is to foster a greater respect for the wolf in order to preserve this magnificent carnivore, hence the Seacrest creed, "Preservation Through Education".

As the revered Gandhi once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Our passion is to foster greater understanding and respect for the natural world through education, helping to create awareness of the importance of wolves to our ecosystems and to dispel the myths that have been associated with these very important carnivores for far too long. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to keep the wild alive and help to preserve this awesome, diminishing species so the generations to come will be able to understand and become part of this great conservation effort. We are committed to being the voice that speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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PLEASE VISIT OUR SEACREST WOLF PRESERVE FACEBOOK PAGE. We love hearing from you - about your experiences at Seacrest, and news about wolves in the world. However, there are other Facebook pages out there with the name Seacrest Wolf Preserve, including a "Friends of Seacrest Wolf Preserve" - that are "liked" and even have Seacrest wolf pictures posted. But, there is only ONE authentic Seacrest Wolf Preserve Facebook site, and it has OFFICIAL on the profile picture. It is managed by administrators that are appointed and directed by the Seacrest Wolf Preserve owners.

While we love and hope to hear from you on Facebook, for accurate and expedient answers to your questions about
contacting or visiting Seacrest, please call the preserve at 850-773-2897, or email the preserve at

Founded in 1999 by Cynthia and Wayne Watkins, the Seacrest Wolf Preserve provides a safe and humane habitat for wolves needing placement and rescue. Located on "The Oaks Farm" in Washington County, Florida, the farm covers over 400 acres. A haven for wildlife, it is dotted with spring-fed ponds and lakes and crisscrossed by nature trails. This setting provides a perfect environment for the incredible animals Seacrest Wolf Preserve is home to, the Gray Wolf.

The goal of the Seacrest Wolf Preserve is to provide a safe, humane habitat for displaced wolves, and to educate all who visit, especially children, about the beauty, intelligence, and importance of the gray wolf. By teaching tolerance and respect for these animals they hope to educate the public on the vital role these animals play within the natural world, and cultivate a passion to protect them in the wild. Currently the largest wolf preserve in the Southeastern United States, Seacrest is licensed by the State of Florida and the United States Department of Agriculture.

For information on visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve, or to become involved in their preservation and education efforts, please visit the links to the left.